Top Manufacturing Companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country that is present in the Western Peninsula. It is mostly famous for its oil, petrochemical and other petroleum-based manufacturing companies. According to various studies, the country contributed to 58% of the revenue and 85% of the exports in 2017, only from the oil industry. It is also estimated that the country will contribute to almost 43% of the oil revenue by the end of 2023. This massive turnover is due to the presence of many manufacturing companies in the country, that aid in production, maintenance, import and export.

Let’s discuss some of the top manufacturing companies of Saudi Arabia in this article.

Air Products

The company was found in 1940, and over the years it has built a reputation for their outstanding commitment in preserving the safety of the environment. The company aims at creating and manufacturing ingenious solutions to safeguard the purity of the environment, enhance their sustainability and also face challenges in the world. They include manufacturing products to industries like chemical industry, metal industry, food, beverage, refining and many more.

metal industry

General Electric

They’re technology, financial and media service company that manufactures solutions to make life better. They’re a leading manufacturing company in the field of global oil and gas production. As a result of the technological advancements and the expansion of technologies utilized to manufacture products, the company makes use of applying some engineering solutions to develop and export worldwide resources. GE is in charge of anything related to the manufacturing of safe oil and gas pipelines, injection and re-injection of sulphur gas, enhancing the safety of the oil and gas pipelines and so on.

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies (RCGC)

Ever since the company was established in 1984, it has been the leading producer and manufacturer of cables. The company comprises of over 3,800 employees and is continuously ranked in the top twenty corporations of Saudi Arabia. The annual revenue of the industry exceeds 1.5 billion dollars every year, for manufacturing cables of the medium to high voltage range, telephone and safer optical fibre wires, pilot control cables and also the overhead line conductors.


They boast of being the manufacturers of number one technological solutions to finding aid or customers in the technical, industrial, and residential and business sectors. The company helps in automating and optimizing discrete processes with the help of industry experts and also contemporary technologies. Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions is a company that manufactures products to enhance human comfort, enable sustainable food and waste disposal, products for construction maintained and many more.


Methanol Chemicals Company (CHEMANOL)

It is a grass-root petrochemical company that is based out of Saudi Arabia, which manufactures premium quality methanol derivatives.  Some of them include Aqueous and Urea-formaldehyde, amino resins, plasticizers, formaldehyde derivatives and many more, that have diverse and extensive use in agricultural, solvents, pharmaceuticals and other industries. The company utilizes natural hydrocarbons to manufacture downstream products and implement their export.

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