SABIC to build world’s first renewable power chemical plant


SABIC is Saudi Arabia’s leading petrochemical manufacturing company that has gained worldwide popularity for manufacturing and promoting solutions for clean and sustainable energy resources.

The company has extended its polycarbonate facility in Spain, and this is one of their best decisions as it is aspiring to become the world’s first large scale chemical production plant, that will solely run on renewable energy resources. The company has signed a joint contract with Iberdrola and is considered a significant step in maintaining the long-term energy and environmental sustainability for generating clean energy.

The entire project is aspiring to be completed by the year 2024, thus reaching the clean energy needs and targets by 2025. This breakthrough in the utilization of technology is expected to deliver 80,000 tons of reduction in the annual carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere. This will not only reduce the pollution in the environment to a great extent but also contribute to the climatic changes and contribute to reaching the global target by 2030.


The working

The technology and setup use solar panels. Once these solar panels are set up, SABIC’s customers from the automotive and the productive sectors will access the polycarbonate solution and work them in 100% renewable power supplies. This step will also enhance renewable energy manufacturing companies to improve their competitiveness in the field.

Iberdrola is one of the leading electricity utility companies in Saudi Arabia, and the joint contract with this company will invest 70 million to construct a 100MW of solar photovoltaic cell facility. This solar PV will consist of 263,000 solar panels which will be placed on land owned by SABIC. This will throw light on making it the largest renewable chemical power plant in the entire continent. This will add to one of the company’s ambition to have a 4GW of either wind or the solar energy to all their sites, by  2025. This will rise to 12GW per unit by the end of 2030.

Since 2015, all the other SABIC’s Home innovation centers in Riyadh has completely been solar-powered, and their centers in India and Thailand joined the list in the year 2019.

SABIC's customers

Future opportunities

The joint contract between the companies and the use of renewable energy resources to power the plants creates opportunities in the future for the development of innovative projects, in innovatively transforming the use of energy. The investments in such changes will also result in becoming the optimal tools for the supply of electricity for significant areas in the industry, thus contributing to sustainable cleaner energy resources.

The company has already worked in the sector of solving environmental needs and problems and develop solutions in a cleaner manner, by using renewable energy resources. Hence, the company is known for utilizing renewable energy resources at their source and converting the environment and the energy resources into a cleaner and better place to live.

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