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SABIC Conference 2020


Saudi Arabia is an excellent market for the petrochemical and petrochemical industries. The efforts of the country to become the global market for the import and export of all global needs of petrochemicals are now paying off. Despite the efforts put forward by the country, they’re still subjected to tough competition from Asia, the US […]

SABIC to build world’s first renewable power chemical plant


SABIC is Saudi Arabia’s leading petrochemical manufacturing company that has gained worldwide popularity for manufacturing and promoting solutions for clean and sustainable energy resources. The company has extended its polycarbonate facility in Spain, and this is one of their best decisions as it is aspiring to become the world’s first large scale chemical production plant, […]

Top Manufacturing Companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country that is present in the Western Peninsula. It is mostly famous for its oil, petrochemical and other petroleum-based manufacturing companies. According to various studies, the country contributed to 58% of the revenue and 85% of the exports in 2017, only from the oil industry. It is also estimated that […]